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Small Balaton

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One of the most special landscapes of Hungary, the Small Balaton, rich in natural and cultural values and protected in its most part, is located only a few kilometres away from Zalakaros.

To the lovers of nature and active recreation, it is recommended to explore Small Balaton on bicycle. The area is the delta of Zala river, which has always been famous of its considerably changing water level and its marshy area. In addition to natural values you can have an insight into the historic and ethnographical traditions of the region, and can cross sleepy villages, and protected and intact landscapes.

Small Balaton has a significant wildlife (vegetation, fish and especially birds), and is protected by the internationally significant Ramsar Convention. There are several birdwatching places to observe the rich avifauna; and remember that the biggest water buffalo herd in Hungary can also be found here.

Pictures of the Small Balaton

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