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Farm and Adventure park

all year round

Our hotel’s “Garabonciás” Farm and 7 Chieftains Historic Adventure Park offer not only entertainment but also joyful learning to all members of the family.

Many parents dream of having their children occupied for a few hours during vacation, so that the adults can relax a bit without remorse. The hotel’s “Garabonciás” Farm and 7 Chieftains Historic Adventure Park would like to assist exactly in that. It is only 3 km away from Zalakaros, and is easy to approach by walk and also on a bicycle route. You can also visit the farm on a carriage (suitably to the location), which departs from the hotel entrance at 10 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. every day.

Historic Adventure Park

In the 7 Chieftains Historic Adventure Park little ones and adults alike can learn while being entertained, with the help of thematic programs: our permanent exhibitions allow visitors to become familiar with Árpád’s conquest of Hungary and the portrait gallery of the 52 Hungarian kings. Our popular programs include horse riding, pony riding, archery, travelling on a covered waggon, visiting the farm and petting animals (also with a tourist guide), and, with a touch of the modern age, driving an electric gokart. 7 yurts, a castle, cheese factory, granary, kitchen garden, and tasters from our own products (bread with Mangalica fat, bread with cracklings cream, home-made cheese) also await visitors.

Our larder: the Farm

The secret of ourrestaurant are the ingredients of our meals, which come from the “Garabonciás” Farm. The farm gives place to the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and grains, as well as to animal husbandry on more than 8 hectares. Animals can move freely in their yard, and so they feel incomparably better than the animals kept in narrow cages. We produce their fodder also on the farm, and prepare it for them in our own mixer. We do not use chemical additives or performance enhancers; animal are fed completely naturally. The livestock kept at the farm covers the hotel’s complete meat and dairy product demand. Stuffing and smoked products are also prepared at our own slaughter point, only from the farm’s own livestock, of course. The “Garabonciás” Farm’s vegetable garden supplies fresh lettuce, onions, peppers, tomato, cucumber, potato, cabbage and carrot. Our livestock also includes grey cattle and cows who provide preservative-free dairy products for the hotel’s buffet table.

Pictures of the Farm and the Adventure Park