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The restaurant and the kitchen is the pride of our hotel where, thanks to our model farm, we prepare the typical meals of Zala county from real home-grown ingredients and offer them to those interested in culinary joys.

The secret of our meals is their ingredients, which come from our model farm, the “Garabonciás” Farm. located 3 km away from the hotel. The farm gives place to the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and grains, as well as to animal husbandry on more than 8 hectares. This way, you can have poached eggs from real home-produced eggs, you can eat home-smoked and ripened ham and sausages, you can taste home-made milk, spiced curd cheese from home-made curd, home-made yogurt, smoked meats and green bacon at breakfast. In the open kitchen, the cook prepares the “good morning” delicacies from the eggs of free-range chicken in front of you.

With our non-conventional menu we bring back the unforgettable taste of home-made meals. We delight guests’ stomachs with meal specialties from Zala county, such as potato “prósza”, “dödölle”, doughnut with curd cheese a la Karos, deer stew, potato rose or layered eggplant. What is more, we managed to find some old recipes, too, and so we can offer genuine curiosities. The ladies working in our kitchen were housewives first and were trained cooks only thereafter, and that is how we can use such genuine domestic recipes from Zala county which cannot be compared to the offer of any other hotel restaurant.

Our restaurant that is able to host 100 guests is also an ideal solution to give place for different events (weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, courses and conferences). In connection with event organisation, please contact us.

Pictures of the restaurant