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Zalakaros Bath

all year round

The main tourist attraction in Zalakaros is the Zalakaros Strand, Medicinal and Experience Bath that is open all year round and the main entrance of which is located 90 m away from our hotel.

The international fame of the medicinal centre and bath is due to its medicinal water that is 96 °C warm and has the 3rd best quality in Europe. The minerals of this water cause changes in the blood, and therefore it is suitable to treat illnesses (first of all those of the joints and rheumatic diseases). Given that it is an official medicinal centre, guests can use several treatments, therapies and specialist medical treatments free of charge with a receipt from their family doctor. In the covered bath hall there are 3 different pools, while outdoors there is a medicinal pool with a nicely groomed rock-garden and unique micro-climate.

The strand and experience bath is a real family-friendly amusement complex that is located on a nicely groomed park on 10 hectares. It is an ideal solution in all seasons of the year, even in bad weather. Its attractions must be experienced, as it is hard even to list them. They include for example the following: whitewater stream; water umbrella; water massage bed; neck shower; whirlpool (jacuzzi); slide world (e.g.: kamikaze slide, black hole slide, 81 m long anaconda slide); medicinal, thermal, family, wave, kids’, swimming and sport pools. There is also a wooden playground and shaded sand pit for children’s entertainment. Active visitors can also use the multifunctional (handball, volleyball and football) strand court.

Pictures of the Zalakaros Bath